Top 5 Issues with ASIC Miners and Know How to Resolve them

Crypto mining is one of the most lucrative and preferred ways to own cryptocurrencies. It is not only cheaper but also more future-proof of any fluctuations in the market. However, it wasn’t always this productive, as earlier crypto mining was done on GPUs and CPUs. But due to technological advancement and development, it is no longer viable to mine cryptocurrencies on computers.

Today, highly advanced ASIC miners are used to mine cryptocurrency as they are super-fast and can handle complicated computations easily. While these ASIC miners are robust and capable, there are still few things that affect their profitability.

Problems faced by ASIC miners and how to solve them?
ASIC miners are the most advanced tool available in the market for crypto mining. However, there are still a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out to make it even more rewarding.

High Energy Costs
A mining farm has hundreds of ASIC miners working together to mine cryptocurrencies. These machines require a significant amount of power to work efficiently and generate yields. This high power consumption results in higher electricity bills that cut down the profits. Also, most of the mining farms rely on traditional sources of energy that harm the environment.

This problem can be solved in two ways. The first is to use less-power-intensive protocols that tokens such as Ethereum and Cardano are using. These protocols cut down the power consumption but are costly and centralized. The second solution is to rely on renewable sources of energy such as solar energy and hydroelectric energy. The latter solution is more effective and environmentally friendly.

No matter how secure blockchain technology is, crypto mining is still susceptible to hacks. Hackers have several advanced tools at their disposal that can hack through protocols and affect the price of cryptocurrencies.

To tackle this problem, blockchain networks use the Proof of Stake protocol combined with other protocols to add additional protective layers. If one of the protocols is affected, the other remains unaffected and gives the network a fighting chance.

ASIC miners are usually specifically designed to mine a particular cryptocurrency. These ASIC miners are so effective that any other machines cannot produce the same results. This feature gives ASIC miner manufacturers a monopoly over the market as they can control the price and supply of these machines, which results in centralization.

There are potentially two solutions to this problem. Firstly, the ASIC miner manufacturing process can be decentralized so that no single manufacturer controls the flow. Secondly, specific protocols can be used that eliminate the need for specifically designed ASIC miners.

Hefty Costs
ASIC miners can cost from $20 to $5000. However, to generate profits and compete in the market, miners have to rely on advanced ASIC miners that can cost a fortune. Also, the electricity and maintenance costs can cut down the yields making it harder to recover the initial investment, let alone make a profit.

The only reliable solution to this problem is to use marketplaces that offer smart contracts at affordable rates. Interested buyers can get ASIC miners at affordable prices that include maintenance and electricity costs.

ASIC miners require constant maintenance due to high power consumption and heat generation. Maintaining these machines individually is a costly and lengthy process. Instead, using a marketplace such as Zionodes that takes care of everything will make your life easier.

Crypto mining is a profitable process and has seen tremendous growth in a few years. While there are still a few hiccups along the way, the future of crypto mining is bright.

2021 trends in buying property in Croatia

How to go about buying property in Croatia?

Breathtaking sceneries and an excellent geographical position make Croatia easily accessible from all the major European cities. Whilst most property investments have a certain degree of associated risk, this is one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in Europe. Buildings located in the historic centers of Istrian and Dalmatian towns have recorded an increase in sales prices because foreign buyers are very attracted by the possibility to own unique historic stone buildings. However, as the old town centers are becoming increasingly expensive, investors are looking for the areas around the historical centers, as well as inland and rural parts, in order to get a better value for money. Due to the huge interest, foreign buyers have shown in typical Dalmatian stone houses in the region’s interior, these are quite difficult to find. Alternatively, the countryside in Croatia is the right place to invest in your dream house as it has a moderate climate with plenty of sunshine, breezy nights, and natural beauty.

How difficult is the property purchase process in Croatia?

EU citizens are now able to buy on the same terms as local Croats, whilst property buying in Croatia for non-EU citizens is governed by the principle of reciprocity. It means that after signing the sales contract, the contract is submitted to the competent Ministry together with certain documentation. When the Ministry issues the consent, the registration of ownership follows. For a non-Croatian-speaking foreigner, the easiest route to purchasing a property is to go through an agency, which is likely to have staff who speak their language. This whole process can be simplified by hiring a real estate agent to select the desired property and authorizing it to do the bureaucracy for you. They will search, advise, negotiate and see through to the completion of your acquisition.

Active vs Passive funds: where do I invest?

In mutual funds there are two subcategories, which are active funds and passive funds.

Active Funds

As the name suggests, these funds are actively managed. The fund manager picks stocks as per his choice, i.e. fund manager has more involvement in the decision making. Actively managed funds generally are considered to be more aggressive and charge high expense ratio, because a lot of effort goes into the research and analysis. The Fund manager, along with analysts and researchers, actively engage in research, buying and selling stocks to achieve best possible returns. Hence, a Fund which is actively managed by a fund manager and his team is known as an active fund.

Passive Funds

A passive fund or an Index fund / an Exchange Traded Fund is a type of fund that the fund manager and his team does not actively manage stocks. They need to replicate the index or benchmark. A deviation between actual performance i.e. a position (usually an entire portfolio) and its corresponding benchmark is called as an index funds tracking error. The tracking error may be tied to the expenses related to managing the index fund such as fund’s inflows and outflows. However, they have lower expense ratio as compared to their actively managed counterparts. Also, index funds are a good way for a new investor because you do not need to research.

Difference between Passive Funds & Active Funds

Passive funds are more popular as compared to Active Funds because they have low expense ratio. Involvement of Fund Manager in an Index Fund is lesser.

These funds do not try to beat the benchmarks. Index Funds returns may be equal to the benchmark’s returns or lesser.

In active funds, the fund managers are involved in lot of industry research, based on which they take positions in the markets. Hence compare to passive fund w.r.t. active fund investors will have to pay higher charges (namely expense ratios) for the fund manager’s expertise and decision making.

Actively managed funds seek higher Alpha, which means they take a little more risk to generate those higher returns than the benchmark. Their main objective is to beat the benchmark thus making them riskier. Imagine if fund manager takes a wrong call, it can result into huge losses.

Whether you invest in active or passive fund, the returns will vary as per the market cycles. You can take opportunity of the combined benefits of these funds to give your portfolio the balance of risk and reward.

Sales Consultants: Making a Website Recognizable by Engines

The design of a website is a significant contributor as to whether a customer decides to continue with a purchase or move on to a different company. Many businesses desire to improve the number of visitors who become customers, but focus only on certain aspects of Internet marketing without considering what potential buyers are seeing once they click on a link or advertisement. High quality outside content, branching out socially, video streaming, and additional techniques are essential for successful site visibility; however, they do not assist with the final origination point of a potential sale. What will the prospective buyer see once they reach the website and will the right usability be provided upon arrival? Sales consultants can create a plan designed to supply better usability, create optimized content, and generate the leads necessary to receive a heightened conversion rate.

Using Sales Consulting Services to Advance Rankings and Customer Flow

Sales consulting services involve optimization techniques designed to make a website work for the business and create repetitive visitors. Navigation and back end processes are a base place where professionals start to avoid loss of profit due to inoperability or lack of user friendliness. The redesign of a website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another early beginning phase of an improved sales conversion marketing plan. Future efforts such as SEO oriented content have increased value if a website has been optimized to receive the best advantages from common search engine processes.

Engines use an automated program, referred to as a “web spider” or “crawler” that collects content from available pages. They follow external or internal links and deposit collected data into an indexed database. An engine queries this database when an individual enters a keyword to display the closest results in a relevant order. An algorithm is used to determine relevancy as this process is taking place and higher rankings appear on the top of the provided result page. Optimization processes are meant to elevate relevance for a higher result ranking. Sales consulting services entail both aspects along with additional techniques designed to heighten company visibility.

The site should include SEO oriented keywords, have working links, be informative, supply simple navigation abilities, and promote crawler searching. Here are a few steps to take:

Include a Blog
Make Use of Google Analytics
Create Concise Code with Minimal Scripts
Ensure Each Page is Unique
Properly Use Meta Tags
Do not Use Repetitive Wording in the Layout
Include a Footer Link on Each Page
Dedicate a Single Page to Every Keyword or Phrase
Make Certain Title Tags are Keyword Rich
Sales consultants use several techniques to improve the natural ranking among search engines. Additional approaches like optimized content in the form of articles, blogs, or videos can be used to further enhance visibility. These tools draw individuals to the company site to increase conversion opportunities. A site must have an appealing layout, proper functionality, and relevant content to maintain interest. Users who have a good experience are more likely to request additional information or to make a purchase. Professionals can offer advice about online marketing practices to help company gain traffic and better sales results.